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*There are individual differences in effect.

How to Fix Posure and Change Sleeping Posure to Sleep on Back naturally.

Correlationship of strength between Facial Expression muscles (Lip Closure Force) and Posture

The difference of the 1% among monkey, ape & human is facial expression muscles (Lip Closure Strength)

That's why, human being can be expressed in many ways on face, has better posture, and strong communication skills and brain.

After starting decline strength of lip closure (sagging face)

Majority(80%) of facial expression is cheek (buccinators) muscle that tie in head and neck, so after firming up facial expression muscle (= increasing in Lip Closure Strength/Force) change posture accordingly as follows:-

Head tilted


Sleeping posture

Boy, 3 years old kept turning on bed due to mouth breathing.  

Reason why people sleep with face down or side way sleep is that brain try to save our life not to choke away by blockage of root of tongue with gravity, so signals from brain keep sending our body not to face up in asleep.

Once Lip closure strength is increasing in by daily exercise of firming up facial expression muscles as follows:-  

Tip and root of tongue is risen (no more blockage of air way), brain recognize it and stop sending signals to body not to roll for sleep side way or face down on the bed.

As the result, face starts sleeping on the back (facing up to ceiling) naturally. And then, Carbon dioxide heavier than air gets down to the bedside pillow from the nose and 100% oxygen is inspired from the nose. 

Brain can rest deeply with sufficient oxygen, and balance autonomic nerves system in asleep.

Body is not turning on the bed as before and brain can rest in the night as well.

Eventually, people can calm down, no more hyperactive and behavior change better.

Remember that if brain could take a rest with sufficient oxygen in asleep, brain canft perform 100% of ability.

If your child keeps turning on the bed, would not listen what you say or clearly ill at ease, why donft you observe if they are breathing from mouth.  


*There are individual differences in effect.


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