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*There are individual differences in effect.

How to get rid of nocturnal enuresis in night (frequent urination 1-3 times per night)

Is it sure that nocturnal enuresis due to enlarged prostate gland?

Why cause of it has not yet been clearly elucidated?

How come people with enlarged prostate gland also suffer from high-blood pressure and high blood sugar level?

Why people with said conditions often stop those symptoms, after stop snoring and facing up celling naturally while they are sleeping with strengthening facial expression muscles (= increasing in Lip Closure Strength)?

People often forget about how important oxygen is.

Because we're living without seeing of oxygen, aren't we?

It is said frequent urination that going to bath room at least one time per night, while people are sleeping is about 40% for people in their 40s and about 80% for those in their 60s.

If autonomic nerves system become imbalanced (e.g. sympathetic nerve is higher than parasympathetic nerve) that is condition as daytime, that's why people go to rest room for taking a piss and our brain and body keep working actively on a routine basis.

In case of late night,
the autonomic nerves system should become balanced to sleep deeply with sufficient oxygen, unless otherwise, symptoms due to shallow sleep begin as follows:-


If brain can't take a rest enough with insufficient oxygen in asleep that is called Sleep Stress that you've never heard before?

Main cause of Sleep Stress (The stress arising from asleep)
Both root of tongue and soft tissue (palate) block off and choke airway by gravity, even people who never have an undiagnosed case of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

For most people were heard the STRESS according to doctors' diagnosis and full stop.

If you don't understand such an abstract opinion of the stress,

why don't you look at your ear lobe by miller or taking a picture with smart phone and confirm of it.

If there is wrinkle running on ear lobe as below:-

People who found wrinkles (either single, double, triple or many more) on your earlobe, most likely, those are going to bathroom in the middle of night, feeling chronic fatigue/tiredness and sleepy in daytime.

The reason of the wrinkles at earlobe shows necrosis at heart cell due to shortage of oxygen, and another reason why going to bath room every late nights, chronic fatigue/tiredness and sleepy in daytime is that brain can't rest enough with shortage of oxygen.

In the result, autonomic nerves system become imbalanced (sympathetic nerve is higher than parasympathetic nerve) in asleep that is same conditions in daytime, that's why people wake and go to bathroom as during daylight.

Chart below is 73 years old, Male with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, before strenthening lip closure, his breathing was stopped for 1 hour 38 minutes while 7.5 hours sleep 

Chart below is 73 years old with OSA has been strengthening his lip closure with a Patakara Lip Trainer for 5 weeks after.

Although his breathing sometime stopped, accumulated stop breathing was for 4 minutes 30 second while 7 hour sleep. In the result, firming up facial expressiom muschles make root of tongue risen to secure airway involuntarily.  

Nothing is more important than Oxygen.

Remember that we have no problem even stop drinking water, taking food or nutritional supplement for some days, but our life is in danger if we can't take oxygen (air) in a couple minutes.

That's people would not think about it seriously, because we're still alive anyhow, even suffering from many chronic diseases, malaise and fatigue.


*There are individual differences in effect.


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