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*There are individual differences in effect.

Eyesight Restoration Training (by liptrainer.com Japan), even from 20/2000(6/600) (TM).

I, Oya Seiichiro, an original lip trainer from Japan, had been wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses for 42 years.

How bad is my eyesight was that myopic eyes and astigmatism were terrible without my glasses.

I couldn't see the biggest inscription, and even couldn't see the stick in a hand either that optometrist pointed to. I got close enough to the visual acuity test to identify that by the optometrist, and tested my eyesight.

It is said that keep the books away from eyes more than 30cm (a feet). When I read a book without my glasses, but that is too far for me to read character, so, I needed to move a book closer and read it.

I didn't know at all that eyesight may be improved by eye exercise until I was told by a customer when I was almost 60 years old.

Patakara® Lip trainer increases oxygen and blood flow, and restores balance of autonomic nerves system as well, so we hear some glad talk from users that vision has improved.

But, a consequence of the change was not much different for me, because I was 20/2000(60/600), as I had been wearing eyeglasses from high school students to nearly 60 years old.

Then I researched and tried training that seems to be good to improve my visual acuity, but they didn't make an improvement on my eyesight.

I found skeletal muscle is that for muscles that control eye movement (extraocular muscle), but the muscle doesn't have hands or arms to lift up barbell like body muscle.

And then, I found effective exercise way to put a load on and stretch all. I started Eyesight Restoration Training (Original from liptrainer.com Japan), even from 20/2000(6/600)(TM)

It was 2nd day, I felt quite a bit of pulse and pain on the left eye that was as if my heart (pump) shifted on the eye, which eyesight was worse than the right eye.

I thought that was a response that the muscles and organs group, such as eye movement muscle, ciliary body, zonule of Zinn, iris and pupil which have not moved consciously for many years is activated by muscles that control eye movement, and I realized the change that are seeking oxygen or blood flow.

As the result of my training in two weeks (probably about 90-120 minutes per day), my eyesight became clearly better and astigmatism was also corrected.

It was too dangerous for me to drive without glasses, but "I can do it now!" After 2 weeks from starting training, I could drive without glasses in the daytime.

But I'm not sure that if my actual visual acuity was good enough to pass the test at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre to drive without glasses at that time. (Please don't do the same with me. Please check your visual acuity if it is enough for driving, and wear glasses if you need.)

By the way, when I renewed my driving license in Japan, I tested without glasses to proof the improvement, and I had an approval to drive a car without my glasses officially.

Anyway, my view was getting much different from that everything was unclear for a long time before 2 weeks ago. I couldn't believe such improvement.

At the same time, I was confident to be able to live without glasses to keep eye training. After that, I tried to take off glasses ordinary as much as possible, and live with naked eyes.

But, when I use PC without glasses, I found myself sit hunched up to watch the display.

Since a bad posture adversely affects the condition of nerves and blood vessels and obstructs visual acuity improvement, I choose the way to correct posture not to put a burden on the eyes (do not wear glasses) during using PC, TV and reading with using a simple eye ware that can increase eyesight about 3 times better than naked eyes that comes with the program of Eyesight Restoration Training (liptrainer.com), even from20/2000(6/600)

This is for you who hate wearing glasses and contact lenses and want to live with naked eyes, gave up improvement of visual acuity because long-time training didn't make any difference, or under consideration to try lasik operation.

Please try Eyesight Restoration Training (by liptrainer.com Japan) even from 20/2000 (6/600) TM

This eyesight training is clearly different from existing ones. Please imagine, this is the eye training that you make each organ and muscle related to vision lift up barbell to put a load, and stretch for making it strong and flexible.

Features: Eyesight Restoration Training (by liptrainer.com Japan) even from 20/2000 (6/600) TM

Does it sound too corny to say that the necessity of oxygen, blood flow and autonomic nerves system toward eyesight restoration, has a big influence on visual acuity improvement.

Especially for people who have been wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses for decades and those who have low eyesight like 20/2000 (6/600)

So it recommend to use a Patakara® Lip Trainer, The effects of separate eyesight restoration training on the muscle groups and tendons connected to the eye muscles can cause a feeling of tightness and stiffness in the back of your head, neck, and neck area and improvement of posture as well.

Fusion movement (eye muscles and facial muscles) in combination with the instruments used as alternative treatment by doctors and hospitals for the following chronic illnesses can reduce shoulder stiffness and tightness, and you can expect more efficient and effective eyesight restoration results if you do this.

If you’d like to concentrate on improving vision only, purchase an Eyesight Restoration Training (liptrainer.com), even from 20/2000 (6/600)™ at BuyNow online, and use the attached Eyewear (Kanebo antimicrobial and deodorant-finished).

Your current naked eyesight can be increase about 3 times or more (myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, hyperopia can be corrected) on the spot. Reading books, PC operation, watching TV and so on can be comfortable with wearing the Eyewear only.

Since it is unnecessary to use eyeglasses and contact lenses, please spend your everyday life with the naked eye and relax your eyes as much as possible. And when you exercise your eyes according to the attached Training program, please take off the eyewear and train it with the naked eye.

According to an article of an international magazine, the proportion of Singaporean and Japanese children wearing eyeglasses is very high compared to the past.

Recent children play games and do something indoor, the outdoor activities of sunshine hours decreased.
It causes that the eyeball which is almost a sphere originally became an egg shape and myopia increased.

This training utilizes sunlight indirectly to enhance the movement of the iris, suppresses the elongation of the axial length, and also incorporates the cooperative movement of each trachea / muscle related to visual acuity.

Training with this product exercises the extraocular muscles (external eye muscles), ciliary muscles, zonule of Zinn, iris at the same time, by strongly and flexibly interlocking all the organs and muscles related to vision.

It encourages the recovery of radical vision.

It is a simple eye movement, but please see the instruction manual of the product for details. If you get used to exercise, you can do as much as possible for a total of 15-20 minutes on a single day, but please do it well in the morning, daytime(if it’s possible) and night, especially for the first 2 weeks. If possible, please do it total 120 minutes a day.

Usually, you can experience a change in improvement within 2 weeks from after 2(Second) day.

Note: Although I am confident about result, if there is no change or improvement in visual acuity within 2 weeks, that may be caused by muscle stiffness around the shoulder blades, lack of flexibility, body distortion and posture (especially if you have astigmatism).

At that time, please do flexibility exercise as well as stretch exercise.


*There are individual differences in effect.


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