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*There are individual differences in effect.

Cerebral Infarction "Stroke"(Rehabilitation Method)

Important points
Please remember that "whether the Lip Trainer Patakara® has been used every day for 2 months or not" is the turning point if the improvement.

The simple device is definitely effective.

Standard usage time
When using it with the aim of rehabilitation, by using it continuously three times a day, within 2 months time you will be able to use yourself even during serious illness.

Please use it for about 15-20 minutes every time (basically keep closing the mouth).

Once you are able to close your mouth easily for 15 minutes, use it by attaching the board spring and increasing the load. Of course, there is no upper limit to the frequency of use and the time.

When pulling and stretching the rope please concentrate only on shutting so that the lip closing power strengthens to such an extent that the Patakara® Lip Trainer can be protruded out. (After the power of the orbicular muscle of mouth assists in lip stretching)

Training to a physically handicapped person after a cerebral infarction (cerebrovascular disease)
It is understandable to have a feeling of wanting your body to achieve its original level even 1 day faster after being worried every day due to the after effects of cerebral infarction.

However, in the condition in which half side of the body is paralyzed and does not move due to an after effect disorder of cerebral infarction, it can be predicted that even the muscles of the healthy side can become atrophied due to the its influence and may not work as before.

Taking this into consideration, please restrain the early improvement feelings for 4, 5 days (though the feelings can be well understood).

Sudden stretching might injure the healthy side.

Please start it steadily.

The use of Lip Trainer is good for very soft rehabilitation.

First of all, hold still the Patakara® Lip Trainer for rehabilitation in the mouth and then add the load as described below.

At this time, keep the Lip Trainer balanced and open the paralyzed side which cannot be closed and though it becomes an "Inclined shape" when the healthy side is closed, this state is Ok at the beginning.

Gradually, it will be possible to close the Lip Trainer horizontally in 4 weeks time, so there is no need to hurry.

It is envisaged that little by little every day the power and energy will be revived to balance the inclined Lip Trainer in the mouth.

It is commonly mistaken that by using a harder (Soft/Normal) Lip Trainer the lip power will be revived faster, so please do not be impatient and give a higher importance to administering a weaker load continuously on the muscle tissue.

Actual rehabilitation with Patakara® Lip Trainer at home in Singapore.
LCS stands for Lip Closure Strength that measured by measuring device of Lip de Cum (Made in Japan)

Actual report from Ireland

here are individual differences in effect.


  1. Turn the neck in the healthy direction (not paralyzed side)

  2. Put in and install the Lip Trainer in the mouth from the paralyzed side and close the mouth (the mouth must be open wider than healthy side)

  3. Raise the unhealthy side arm till it is above the head (take the help of a nursing staff)

  4. Do abdominal breathing (bear in mind during training as well as during normal routine)

Latest Recovery

Stroke victim in Ireland remarkable recovery. Read the full article here.

The Westmeath Topic, Ireland
June 2009

*There are individual differences in effect.


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