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*There are individual differences in effect.



Lip Trainer

Reference Value of L.C.S
All the People unrestriction
Child 3- 4 years old unrestriction
Blue more than 14 N

1N / 102g

Classified by Hardness

Lips Closing Strength

Rough Guidance by User

All the people (Premium)


Young & old aged / female & male / all chronic diseases & Beauty purpose

Small Child


Approx. 3-S years old / Mouth size: corner to corner 30 mm & below

Estimated Lips Closure Strength (force) according to Age / Sex Group
In case, people who are snoring, breathing through the mouth, eczema, TMD, the average lips closure strength should be lower than healthier(nose breather). To be consider these factors when choosing a suitable hardness of Lip Trainer Patakara®.

W/O Torsion Spring With Torsion Spring
All the people (Premium) N/A Unattached
Small Child N/A Unattached

(Figure 1) Oral Cavity Rehabilitative Device LIP TRAINER [PATAKARA®]
Spring Force: Rehabilitation/Soft/Normal
Material of LIP TRAINER [PATAKARA®]: Highly elastic polymer plastic with rubber composite (Polyester elastomer)

(Figure 2)

Labial Closure Strength (force)
Indicator [ Lip De Cum®/LDC- 110] with a Lip holder [Ducklings®]
mounted to the sensor

Cosmo instruments co., ltd

(Figure 3)
Upper Photo: Lip holder [Ducklings®]
Below Photo: The Lip holder [Ducklings] mounted to the sensor of the Lip Closure Strength (force) Indicator
Holder Material: Polypropylene

(Figure 4)
Sample photo of Lip .Closure Strength (force) data collection.

To get ready for Lip Closure Strength (force) Indicator [ Lip De Cum®] with a Lip holder [Ducklings®] mounted to the sensor, and have the subject bite the holder between upper and lower lips. Then, you measure the Lip Closure Strength (force) while the subject, sitting upright (with FH plane being parallel to the floor plane), shall close it's upper and below lips by the utmost strength, always with the upper and below teeth never touched.

Eyesight Restoration Training (by liptrainer.com, Japan) even from 20/2000 (6/600) ™

Please measure pupillary distance (PD) and select size of eyewear from table below:-

If it’s difficult to find actual pupillary distance (PD) by yourself, select the size of eyewear based on rough guide accordingly.

Pupillary distance (PD) / Rough Guide Size of Eyewear
Below 64mm (2.5197in) / Child + Female S
64-66mm (2.5197-2.5984in) / Male M
Over 66 mm (2.5984in) / Male large size L


Contents of Eyesight Restoration Training Quantity
Eyesight Training sheet 1 set
Eyewear (without lens) 1 pcs
Instruction manual 1 pcs

Bad breath (Halitosis) measuring device

probably, the best portable VSC detactable unit in the world

OralChroma™ classifies the volatile sulfur compounds (VSC), a major causative factor in halitosis, into the three components of hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, and dimethyl sulfide, and measures each gas concentration.

Measuring individual VSC components helps to identify the cause of halitosis, a major symptom of periodontal disease and many other conditions, and to check the effect of treatment.

Product name OralChroma
Detection systemSimplified gas chromatograph method using a semiconductor gas sensor
Sample gas quantity0.5cc
Detectable gasFollowing components included in volatile sulfur compounds
(1)Hydrogen sulfide
(2)Methyl mercaptan
(3)Dimethyl sulfide
Measuring time8minutes
Detection unitng/10ml and ppb
Expiratory sampling methodManual aspiration system using a syringe
Operating humidity rangeRelative humidity of 80% or less (no condensation)
Operating temperature range10 - 30°C
Storage humidity rangeRelative humidity of 20 - 90% (no condensation)
Storage temperature range-20 - 60°C
PowerAC100~230 V,50/60Hz
Power consumption40VA
Outer dimensions (mm)280(W)x130(H)x400(D)
Weightapprox. 5.5 kg
Output terminalRS232C
PC connection softwareOralChroma™ DataManager
Suggested retail priceplease contact us at info@liptrainer.com




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