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*There are individual differences in effect.

"Pneumonia" due to wrong swallowing

A certain acquaintance suddenly had pneumonia and had to be hospitalized with an ambulance.

That person could not figure out as to how he could get pneumonia when he did not even have a common cold.

The doctor in the hospital explained that aged people have prior subjective symptoms and high temperature followed by pneumonia occurs often.

He concluded the explanation saying that there is no awareness for the causes of pneumonia, which may cause death in the worst case.

I asked him questions such as

"Did his preferred meal change recently?"

"Does he choke while eating?"

"Does he snore?" "

"Does he turn sideways while sleeping?"

"How many times does he get up to go to the toilet while sleeping?", etc.

From the questions it apparently seems that wrong swallowing while sleeping may have caused pneumonia.

When the mouth is open while sleeping, not only does the root of the tongue not subside in the upper respiratory tract, but there is also a state in which the larynx also subsides in the esophagus walls and sticks to it.

Bacteria and the secretions, which mix with saliva, are sent to the lung as it is through the larynx.

When the physical condition of the person in question drops down without any subjective symptoms, the person catches a cold or feels tired during the so-called no-sickness condition and when it is joined by immunity power decrease, it causes sudden pneumonia

Please pay attention to the difference between the above two pictures in the width of the respiratory tract when the mouth is closed and opened.

When you sleep facing upwards, even if you are able to close the lips firmly, a little gap is surely left between the larynx and the esophagus walls and saliva containing bacteria or other secretions flow in the direction of the stomach through the gap.

Therefore, we have to sleep with our mouth closed.

In case of aged people, why do they suddenly choke and have a coughing fit and why do they face death due to pneumonia in summers or tropical regions.

*There are individual differences in effect.

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