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Eyesight Restoration Train'g
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Alzheimer & Dementia
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Aspiration Pneumonia
Down Syndrome
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*There are individual differences in effect.

Inventor Message
After going through this website, how many people can actually say they can relate to this?

I think most people are somewhat confused.
Actually at the beginning, I didn't realise the Lip Trainer would have such a significant effect which certainly has become the case.

This great idea all began from a typical day at the dental clinic when a patient who was diagnosed with apoplexy wanted to resolve his problem with his mouth.

The patient visited me after going through a 6 month of rehabilitation program.
Unfortunately his mouth function was not completely healed so searched a dentist to help him which was me.

Although I am an expert in dental health, apoplexy is not an expertise of mine.
While I was thinking about how I could resolve this problem, an excellent idea filled my mind, I could utilize my new Buccal Cavity Viewer which could be placed in the patient's mouth to produce an open-close effect on the mouth.

The results are exciting and stretch the oral and facial muscles.

I was only an unknown dentist before, but because of the visit from that patient, and the use of the Buccal Cavity Viewer, I have unexpectedly discovered the ways of improving oral health dramatically.

From that day onwards, I have been researching about the relationship of the oral area and the rest of the body.

After many failures and all sorts of challenges I was beginning to give up, but I continued no matter the obstacles in the sake of improving the health of others, prevent aging in the human body, and people can become healthy.

Now, I have developed the lip trainer.

What everyone is holding in their hands now, is the result of unexpected notice, and the passion of curing a patient's problem.

I hope everyone not only use it themselves but also recommend to others for improving their health.

You don't even need to recommend this product to your friends, because when they see the significant improvements in your overall appearance, they will surely ask you what your secret is.

In the end, I just hope I can see your new and healthier self.

Tokyo Dental College / lecturer
Lip trainer inventor
Dr Yoshiaki AKIHIRO

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