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*There are individual differences in effect.

Lip Trainer Instructions

It is very easy! Use it 4 times per day. Each session lastings around 3 minutes will give you fantastic results. No necessary to wear the device during sleep

Squeeze the grip with your fingers

Insert in between your teeth and lips.

Check that the tool is fitted between the upper and lower lip.

The basic training is to keep the mouth tightly closed for 3 minutes. Not allow any gap even 1 mm between upper & lower device.

It looks like the teeth are closed, but try not to close your upper and lower teeth. Lips won't be able to close tightly if teeth are closed each other, so relax your teeth and close your lips only.

No teeth use for training at all

Per Day Effectiveness

  • 1 time 20%
  • 2 times 20%
  • 3 times 70%
  • 4 times 95%

More visible results can be achieved after 2 to 3 months of daily exercises.

Training Method
Initially, insert the Lip Trainer between teeth and lips and keep closing the lips for 2 minutes(The most important of the training) and then following lip-stretching excercise. Please refer to Instruction Manual for proper usage.

Stretch the self-rope to left and right side for 5 seconds respectively.
Stretch the self-rope to left side, right side and diagonally lower side for 5 seconds respectively. At that time, stretch so that eye on the stretched side will wink. (The muscles towards the side of winked eye and Lip Trainer will stretch. Open the eye wide.)
Press the slack of (double) chin upwardly by your hand, turn the face towards ceiling and stretch the self rope to left side, right side and diagonally upper side for 5 seconds respectively. (neck muscles are stretched due to Lip Trainer's pulling action)
Keep the face stretched upwardly and pull the rope touching nostrils. In this position, stretch the neck and the chin simultaneously. The above position is more effective and giving desirable results.

Now, move the rope vertically upward for 5 seconds keeping the direction of the face same. In this position, stretch the neck and the chin simultaneouslyIn addition the tongue is put out and touches the upper surface of Lip Trainer projection for 5 seconds and then withdrawn. Ensure that the tongue muscles are stretched when tongue is touching Lip Trainer with this Lastly, raise the shoulders and turn them backwards. At the same time bend the neck downwards and stretch the muscles at the back of the neck. After that, take down the arms quickly

(3) - (6) are most suitable for reducing double chin, snoring and damage due to swallowing

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