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*There are individual differences in effect.

How to stop Insomnia and Anxiety

One of main reason of insomnia and anxiety is in an unbalanced state of autonomic nerves.

In terms of autonomic nerves, the sympathetic nerve is dominant and high, and the parasympathetic nerve is inferior and low that is same condition as daytime, brain has to work.

Taxi drivers at work, the brain and body are working and it is activated and it is not a condition to sleep.

Such a driver asked when he stopped the car to take a break and why I suddenly become sleepy when I use a Patakara lip trainer?

I answered that because taxi drivers were usually nervous not to cause an accident.

At such a time, his parasympathetic nerve was boosted and dominated over the sympathetic nerve by using a lip trainer, that's why he relaxed and got sleepy.

If you can't fall in sleep or wake up in the middle of the night, why don't you close lips with strengthening lip force (facial expression muscles) by using a Patakara lip trainer tightly, you can boost para-sympathetic nerve through lips and fall in sleep in the very short time (a few minutes).

When lips squeeze the device is to stimulate a para-sympathetic nerve efficiently, because lips is visceral muscle.

In the result, widening of all blood vessels and warm up whole body temperature, eventually users can settle down naturally.

A medical doctor with anxiety was recommended to use a Patakara lip trainer by a friend of medical doctor whenever having an anxious mind.

The user of medical doctor has bought 10 pcs of medical device (Patakara W liptrainer), it was 2 days later after he started using it.

The doctor said “whenever feel anxiety, I squeeze lips with the device, his mind could calm down on the spot” .

*There are individual differences in effect.

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