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*There are individual differences in effect.

Atopic Eczema(dermatitis) is cause by Mouth-breathing during REM sleep

People who have been suffering from Eczema for last several decades, don' give up with current medical treatment.

We are strong confidence to recover it with radical treatment.

Referring back to experience of treatment for 250 patients, Eczema is not chrnoic disease but it's a signal of mouth breathing during sleep.

So if Eczema patient(mouth breathing) could change to nose breathing, Bacteria stop shifting to diseased part from dry throat through the lymph and blood circulation and eventually it's gone.

Functions of the tonsil means that when there is a disorder due to some allergic substance or hormones or strain and stress, etc. the bacteria come together and when a healthy person with strong immunity strength gets severely sick, the immunity weakens and the bacteria strengthen causing tonsillitis. It is not hereditary.

At night when the oral respiration changes into nasal respiration, the bacteria cannot breed / multiply immediately in the throat and the bad breath also disappears.

If the bacteria cannot breed / multiply in the throat, it means that same part are not sensitive anymore and the skin also does not itch.

Therefore when the patient is asked if the itching has also disappeared along with the bad breath then the patient says, "That's right".

In this way after the bad breath disappears, the skin has to wait only for about one and a half months until the epidermis is replaced by dermis.

Result of strengthening the lips closing strength by using Lip Trainer Patakara®, from the end of breathing orally while sleeping till the disappearance of the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, will be seen in about 3 months for adults.

A small child will recover in about 1-1.5 months and a senior citizen may take about 6 months as the case may be.

In case of women, since they all have the oestrial cycle and even if there is secretion of sex hormones throughout the month, there is a slight difference daily.

As a result the "function of the tonsils" which is influenced by the hormones is also slightly influenced before and after this cycle and therefore there are women who are under the misunderstanding that the atopy symptoms have rebounded after several days and say that they were "Disappointed".

However please understand this to be an unavoidable course during passage to the recovery.

There is no need to worry at all.

Moreover, a brown wave-like mark may be detected on the skin due to the application of the steroid cream for many years.

If this mark does not disappear as described in atopic dermatitis book, and if nasal respiration continues while sleeping, this mark will disappear within 1 year.

In certain thesis, the palm and soles bouton syndrome and atopic dermatitis have been described as being caused by the chronic focal tonsil syndrome.

In patients with atopy the tonsillitis chronica is caused by oral respiration while sleeping. Here, the bacillus is sensitized and it has been thought that it influences the formation of the skin epidermis by raising the flow of blood or the lymph.

In atopic dermatitis, due to the oral respiration, the external dry cold directly affects the throat causing throat ache and as a result it was considered that the immune reaction had decreased.

Patakara®Lip Trainer has also been reported in the newspapers and around 250 patients of oral respiration having atopic eczema symptoms have been treated in about 1 and half years.

All were invariably weak in strength required to close lips and the strengthening of the lip closure power to cure oral respiration was aimed at first.

It was guided such that the lip closure power would rise to a target value of more than 17N for men and 14N for women.

Though it was thought that the target value would not be easily achieved, the actual fact was not so.

It is not an exaggeration to say that almost all the persons had not had well-balanced meals from childhood and had extremely slow growth of the muscular tissue at the time of visit to the hospital.

For such people, even though labia oris is the aim, no matter how much the lip muscles are guided, there is no strengthening of the muscles, as there is no energy source.

Until the power of closing the libia oris goes up you should be very particular about taking meat, which contains a lot of high proteins.

The frequency of daily stretching should be around 6-8 times. It is observed that all atopy is improved naturally if the oral breathing (oral respiration) while sleeping is improved.

And after observing the natural improvements in atopy of all the members thereafter, my impressions can be stated in one sentence "Atopic eczema is not a sickness but only a symptom of oral breathing."

Aptopy recovery case

Before usage

After using for 2 months

A person with atopy cannot open the throat wide.

After using Patakara®Lip Trainer it has been found that the throat is can be opened wide.

Another effect is that the atopy of the arm has improved to the level of the photograph below by using it for two months.

*There are individual differences in effect.

Atopy healing case example 2
First medical examination of a 25-year-old woman 18 Jan 2000
(Atopic dermatitis started at the age of 2)

This patient had not been using any medicine for about two years before receiving this treatment.

Moreover, she used Patakara® Lip Trainer for 8 times a day and continued using it daily.

Though it is a little painful but persevering with it is most important.


Around the neck

Around the neck

18 Jan 2000


There was strong atopy over the entire body. The healing process is shown in the photograph of the neck and parts of legs.

At the time of first medical examination of 1.18, she was unable to sleep at night due to itching, and her daily life became a reversal of day and night.

Seems to have continued the life for over 10 yrs in which she had to change her undergarments every 2 hours due to the exudate or blood coming out from skin surface.

Especially, though the stockings were nice at the time of wearing, they stuck to the skin and hardened after use.

The skin often came out while removing the stockings and the stockings could not be removed till the surface of stockings was not treated with alcohol.

The throat inflammation improved little by little and since then the itching has also tempered down.

8 Feb 2000


1 Mar 2000


10 Mar 2000


15 Mar 2000

15 Mar 2000

15 Mar 2000

When I said that her face was considerably fairer, her heartfelt comment was; "I never imagined my face is so fair". Almost cured. She is very pleased this year when she can wear short sleeves.

"Personal thoughts of a dentist" about Atopy

If possible please use the Patakara® Lip Trainer more than eight times in a day religiously for the disease to heal within two and half months to three months from the first medical examination.

This patient used it every day more than 8 times till loosing count. (It is like whenever she realized it, she was using it.)

Everyone is doubtful as to whether the atopy is cured by dental surgery and that it also takes more than half a month on an average for the itching to stop.

I sincerely believe that the itching decreases after about 7 days.

I thought this patient was very sincere. As compared to her serious symptoms, she could sleep soundly at night after only 20 days.

The itching of the skin disappeared and the skin became normal very rapidly. (It is said that the original skin is replaced within 3W ~ 6W usually in 4Ws. Even if the condition is serious, and the skin is replaced within 3W ~ 6W, and the treatment is continued for 2~3 months, I believed that it was sure to return to a normal skin if the treatment method was correct.)

In this way since there is no inflammation in wall dial lymphoid ring I feel that Atopic dermatitis will be cured in 3W ~ 6W.

*There are individual differences in effect.

Aptopy recovery case example 3
The first medical examination of 2 years old girl on 19th November 1999

At first this patient was treating the Patakara® Lip Trainer as a toy because of her age and so there is not much effect.

Full-scale treatment was started in March 2000 and I found her to have improved surprisingly in about one month.


Around the neck



19 Nov 1999


Recently I met a friend who is a Professor and got words of admiration from him saying,

"It is good that you noticed about Atopy".

For me it was a by chance result, which I realized sooner only due to Lip Trainer Patakara®, so I am not really worthy of these words of admiration.

Even after reading that the first five examples were cured in two and half months, and even after reading books by doctors who were an authority on that subject I was still doubtful whether Atopy could be cured so easily.

I would talk about the episode where in the inflammation of my lymphoid ring had been cured by Patakara® Lip Trainer but I was still doubtful whether the related atopy would be cured or not.

When a middle aged woman who had been suffering from snoring tried the Patakara® Lip Trainer treatment, pimples on her face were cured as its side effect,

"Give it to your daughter"

I said jokingly and handed her 2 pieces. (This woman had tried periodontitis for snoring (oral respiration) but it was not cured so she used Lip Trainer Patakara® with an aim of curing by nasal respiration).

There was no effect for first one and half months but the conditions improved from the third month.

Further, the young girl of that patient who was very eager to become beautiful, without any complaint, used it 6~8 times a day rather than 4 times in a day zealously.

After 3 months her mother said, "Doctor, my daughter who was suffering from atopy for nearly 20 years is cured".

Recently, when I was reading various reference books for increasing my knowledge, "Atopic dermatitis" was described as a secondary disease of the inflammation of the pharynx in "Clinical oropharyngeal" in the Japanese oral and pharynx science association issue of the medical study.

Interested people should have a look at it.

"There is no radical cure for the treatment of atopy"

said a doctor of dermatology.

Is curing to nasal breathing at the time of sleeping, a radical treatment of Atopy?

If so, then there is no medical treatment but just return to your normal life.

And I am sure that there is no appliance by which oral respiration can be turned to nasal respiration at the time of sleeping other than the Lip Trainer Patakara® in whole world.

*There are individual differences in effect.


7 Mar 2000


26 Mar 2000

When I said that her face was considerably fairer, her heartfelt comment was; "I never imagined my face is so fair". Almost cured.

She is very pleased this year when she can wear short sleeves.

"Personal thoughts of a dentist" about Atopy
In case of infants, I felt that it would be better to start the improvement pattern early, as their metabolism is fast.

*There are individual differences in effect.

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