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*There are individual differences in effect.

How get rid of Dry lips, Chapped lips and Wrinkles on lips.

Do you ever think how long and often you're opening mouth in asleep?

It's not easy to find out by yourself, unless video camera records condition of the mouth.

But there a way that you can self-diagnose to see the conditions on your lips. If you found that you have dry lips or chapped lips with wrinkles, most likely, you may be a mouth breather (stay opening mouth involuntarily).


Humidity of lips and skin continue to be influenced by humidity at tonsil, so people who often stay opening mouth normally have dry lips and chapped lips with wrinkles.

In our experience, the conditions of the lips will be restored (no more dry lips or chapped lips either) about a month (30 days) later upon you become a nose breather due to saliva humidify tonsil.

Maintaining saliva volume and seal it with closing lips is important for maintaining health.

A line graph bottommost in chart below shows improves saliva flow rate, after strengthening lip closure basis of 15 subjects.


*There are individual differences in effect.


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