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*There are individual differences in effect.

Down syndrome & Autism

Parents, please don't give up! Awake to realities.

  We believe that people with Down syndrome, they were born without developed their facial expression muscles (weak strength of lip closure), that's why their face are similar for all, opening mouth & chubby face and facing to problems (e.g. Sleep apnea, Swallowing, Speech disorder, Hearing difficulties). If they start lip-exercise to strengthen their orbicular muscle of mouth through lip-exercise, you could see their recovery of those symptoms dramatically, as far as their lip closure strength is increasing through lip-exercising.

  We are confidence the effect of our device, please feel free to contact us, if you have any comments, medical clarifications and assistance.

Just increase in lip closure strength

it's not miracle but true goal!

The other day, on seeing the patient of Down's syndrome who had been using Lip Trainer Patakara® for nearly a year, the mother was very happy.

Actually, the last time the intelligence index inspection that was carried out after half a year of using Patakara® Lip Trainer, there was no numeric change.

But suddenly, it was reported that the numerical value had improved greatly. But, the doctor explained that such a change at this age (about 10 years old) was very rare and as the numeric change of this time may be a mistake, he told them not to expect too much.

However, the child's movement was observed everyday and recently when he was made to experience an intellectual operation which was different from the former, he seemed to have a greater confidence even before this inspection this time due to the improvement in the intelligence index and seems to have been satisfied "At last" with the reported results.

At the time of the first medical examination, the hyperkinesias peculiar to the Down's syndrome was strong in both and they did not pay any attention to the surroundings in the waiting room.

However, by continuously doing the Patakara stretching for 1, 2, 3 months, there was a change in the behavior, though a small one.

They even waited quietly in the waiting room, and were able to greet at the time of meeting and also greet after the examination was over and became so-called "Mr. Clever".

It is said that the Down's syndrome occurs because of the chromosomal abnormality.

As the origin (source) is broken down from the common sense of the people, it was assumed that it would never improve.

Though they are born of distinctive parents, persons with Down's syndrome all have similar facial configuration.

Moreover, it is reported that the intelligence of all stops at a level of about three years old.

Besides this they have big tongues, open dental arch, swallowing difficulty and an articulation disorder, and also features such as thick necks.

Besides these enumerated there are no other limitations.

However, with the changes like those mentioned above, which occur with the Patakara® Lip Trainer

I have come up with my own theory, which I would like to present.

If the environment, which can be double-checked, comes in to you, double-check it by all means.

We are awaiting your opinion.

The latest news in Japan (Feb.24.2005), Dow syndrome patients who are being using this device show us their improvement with IQ, behavior and difficulty in hearing , basis of traceable data, after 4 month, 6 month and 8 month.

Thermography of typical Down Syndrome child, 9 years old who has never used the device.
Down Syndrome 10 years old boy used device

*There are individual differences in effect.

Temperature at face and neck after strengthening facial muscle for 17 months

*There are individual differences in effect.

Posture of Down Syndrome boy who goes to normal school now, after 3 years

*There are individual differences in effect.

*There are individual differences in effect.

  Following pictures were reported by the president (Mr Hanifah) of family support group at Kiwanis Down Syndrome foundation (HQ) in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia (the girl with Down syndrome is president's daughter)


*There are individual differences in effect.

Following report written by a father (ex-president of Family supporting group) of the above girl at HQ of Kiwanis Down Syndrome in K.L. Malaysia.

*There are individual differences in effect.

Mr Oya Seiichiro, lip trainer has been invited an international workshop at no. 1 ranked University in Malaysia to talk about how to improve people with Special Need Education.

Following hospital in U.K. is being used the Patakara for Autism.

*There are individual differences in effect.

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