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*There are individual differences in effect.

Bottle Liptrainer Testimonials

31-years old : Female

I have a problem called rhinitis and seem to have been snoring since the childhood. Also, the double chin is not reduced even after diet. In daily life, I am consciously trying to breath by nose however sometimes I end up breathing by mouth unknowingly.

After using it
When I used it for the first time, I felt that it was very "hard". The reason might have been weakened muscle of the lip. But when drinking something for a while, it uses the peripheral muscles of jaw and lower and upper lip which is challenging. Because the setting was easily fixed into the PET bottle, I thought it was easy and was good.

After 2 weeks
I felt some muscular pain near the cheeks when using it continuously.
I thought that there was no remarkable change after starting to use it, but after every usage the chin was shaping itself little by little. Originally, there was also rhinitis and I was also breathing by mouth for considerably long time in my life up till now.
Though I was trying to breathe by nose, sometimes I was breathing by mouth unknowingly. But recently, I realized suddenly that I could breathe by nose without purposely trying to do so. I am stuck up with this bad habit only because I was doing it for so long time. Also I tend to breath by mouth when my nose is blocked but the time for which I can keep my mouth closed is increased considerably.
I also have snoring problem. Up till now there were lot of times when I used to wake up by the noise of my own snoring but now that problem does not exist. When I get up in the morning I no longer suffer from dry mouth.
I am thinking of using the Bottle LipTrainer hereafter to improve the muscle tone of facial muscles.

31-years old : Female

I have snoring problem. Though originally the oral breathing is influenced by rhinitis, the mouth remains open while sleeping and there is terrible snoring and throat dryness is there.

After using it
I feel that my lips have become more strong. After initial use there was pain in the chin but it was not unbearable. Though I could not drink a large quantity at one time, I do my best to inhale it when my throat is dry. Since I am using it in the office, my colleagues noticed it at once and asked me about it. Most of them seem to be doubtful about the actual effectiveness and have little interest in it. It is looked upon as a nursing bottle and regarded with curiosity.
One woman was considerably serious in wanting it if it could make her face smaller.

After 2 weeks
In one day I was drinking 1 PET BOTTLE of 500 ml. All varieties of drinks like tea, health drink or juice was put in it. Often I was also using it in office, since that is where I spend lot of the time of the day. Since I laugh quite a lot so my face muscles are used very often but after using Bottle Lip Trainer, I was surprised to feel the cramping sensation in my cheeks .The chance to speak with loud and clear voice was not unexpected. Thanks to Bottle Lip Trainer, it gave me the chance to use my lips with more awareness.

45 years old :Male

Snoring, mouth ulcer(Stomatitis) and blocked nose due to rhinitis.

After using it
I have already trained with Lip Trainer and it feels that the symptoms are improved.
Only thing is I can not use it more than 2 times per day i.e morning and night before going to sleep at home because I feel shy to use it in front of people in the office. After hearing that it is highly effective (90%) when used for 4 times a day, 3 minutes per time, I bought it thinking that I can also use it in afternoon when I am in the office. I would recommend it to the people like me who are shy of using it in front of the people or who say that there is no time to use it in the afternoon and who desire quick improvement. Bottle Lip Trainer is very convenient for using in office, car or while walking outside without letting the others find out. To others it always looks like you are drinking an ordinary Pet-Bottle.

After 2 weeks
There is no significant change in the symptoms as compared to before because snoring and nose blockage was reduced already because I was already trained before to use Lip Trainer
However the muscles used in Lip Trainer and Bottle Lip Trainer while in training are different,(especially muscles in the periphery of lips are toned) I am looking forward to the change from now on.


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