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Bottle Liptrainer Installation Manual

Insert cap into the mouthpiece by pressing tightly from under. You can detach the storage lid by unhooking it from the cap. Remove the pet-bottle's original cap and attach the cap tightly with the screws to the bottle. Just by using your upper and lower lips to squeeze strongly from the opening and drinking from it!
Do not bite by the teeth.
It utilises the strength from the sucking lips, to crush and open up a hole so that the liquid can then flow through and be consumed.

Precaution Notes:


  • This product contains small parts. And when consumed by mistake, can cause suffocation. Please ensure that all the parts are attached before use.
  • Please use the product once the cap has been attached onto the bottle.
  • For hygiene purposes, kindly wash the product thoroughly before use.
  • After attaching the cap onto the bottle, kindly check to ensure that it does not slip off easily.


  • Please do not place fingers into the gaps between the movable parts of the product.
  • Please press firmly to close the lid of the cap. Leakage of the liquid from the bottle may occur.
  • During and/or after fitting the cap, please do not squeeze or press on the bottle hardly, as this may cause the liquid to shoot out.
  • After attaching the cap, please do not store the bottle horizontally while carrying. The liquid in the bottle may still leak out even though the lid is closed.
  • Please do not use this product with soda or other carbonated drinks as they are more likely to shoot out.
  • Please do not use this product with hot or warm drinks. This is to prevent the danger of scalding in the event that the liquid shoots out.
  • Please do not bite on the opening as this will result in the disfunctioning of the product and the liquid is unable to flow through.


  • Please note that not all the pet-bottles are suitable for use with this product.
  • Please press firmly to close the lid of the cap. Leakage of the liquid from the bottle may occur.
  • Drinks with fruit pulp when used with the product will cause the opening to clog.
  • Staining on the opening might also occur.

Name: Bottle Lip Trainer Patakara
Contents: Substance (Cap + Mouthpiece) 2 pcs
Materials Substance: Polyester Elastomer / Cap: Polypropylene
Developer Dentistry Professor & Tokyo Dentistry University
Lecturer: Dr Akihiro Yoshiaki
Developed/Manufacturer Dental Yumi Corp. Japan

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